Montclair Momentum

Point Of Action Immersive Art Installation Coming To Crane Park

An art installation that will provide a safe space to connect is coming to Crane Park.

Montclair residents and artists Nina Cooke John and Charlie Spademan are bringing the installation to Montclair at no cost to the township for about four to six weeks the last week in March. Cooke John is the designer, while Spademan will be installing “Point of Action.” Nina Cooke John During the holidays, the public art installation was at the Flatiron Public Plaza on 23rd Street New York. Designed by Cooke John’s firm, Studio Cooke John, “Point of Action” addresses connectivity and community building. The installation consists of nine aluminum framed pavilions on six-foot concrete circles — illustrating the social distancing we have been adhering to — with ropes that are intertwined and part to allow people to step into the frame. In the center a “spotlight” illuminates the person and creates a safe connection to others inside other frames, as well as passersby. It took four months to construct all nine pavilions, said Spademan, whose art focuses primarily on ironwork, particularly on hand-forging. It was last year’s winning design chosen for installation at the Flatiron Public Plaza, by the Flatiron/23rd Street Partnership and Van Alen Institute.