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Democratic Primary – June 6th

Happy rainy Saturday, Montclair!

You may have noticed with the occasional flyer in the mail, that we’re having an election. The primary to determine who the Democratic nominees for the two Assembly and one Senate seat that represents Montclair, is on Tuesday, June 6th. This is also your opportunity to choose County Commissioners (legislators) to receive the Democratic Party nomination too. 
Learn About State Candidates

New Jersey State Senate (You Choose One)

New Jersey State Assembly (You Choose Two)


In thinking about all of the needs that Montclair has, and to position ourselves with the strongest representatives to help deliver those resources, I am endorsing current Assembly Member John McKeon and Alixon Collazos-Gill for the two Assembly seats that represent Montclair.

These two together will be a force — two people I can text or call whenever Montclair needs something. With strong Montclair roots for both of their families, we can be sure they’ll advocate for us. From school funding to environmental issues to women’s and all civil rights, this is the dream Assembly team who will help Montclair start to get it’s fair share of State resources.

I am not endorsing in the State Senate race.

Essex County Commissioner Candidates (these are your county legislators)

You choose one candidate to represent our district (district 5) and four at-large candidates to represent Montclair generally. A lot of people have asked for my guidance on this. I simply am endorsing Line A. I’m happy with the job our Commissioners do delivering county support for Montclair. Line A includes current County Commissioner and son of Montclair, Brendan Gill, who I endorse.

Vote By Mail

I only vote by mail. The ballot comes to your house and you can spend time researching candidates. You never have to worry about getting to a polling place or missing an election. I wish everyone in Montclair would register to vote by mail. The deadline to register to vote by mail in the June 6th Primary, is May 30th. So get your application in quickly.

Even if you don’t make this deadline, registering to vote by mail will ensure you receive a ballot any time there is an election of any kind whether it be for a school budget, to elect the Mayor and Council, or U.S. President. It’s the way to go.

Register to Vote

Are you new to Montclair or have you recently changed your address? Make sure that you’re registered to vote with your correct address. If you need to update that, you can register again here.

Change Party Affiliation

Registered Democrats and unaffiliated/independent voters are able to vote in the Democratic Primary. If you’re unaffiliated/independent, you’ll automatically be registered as a Democrat if you vote in the primary. Just in case you want to affiliate, here’s the form to join any party.

Polling Place

Voting on election day and not sure where you’re supposed to vote?

Thank you, everyone. Please vote.


Our mailing address is:
41 Watchung Plaza, Suite 318
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