Montclair Momentum

Now’s The Time To Spend On Montclair Schools, Councilman Says

Repairs and renovations at school buildings are an inevitable expense.

And it may be a good time to bite the bullet and make an investment in the local public school system, a Montclair council member says. Recently, Montclair Councilman Peter Yacobellis released a statement in response to conversations in Trenton around school construction funding and Washington D.C. with regard to a $100 billion school upgrade line item in the proposed infrastructure bill. “In Montclair we know our buildings need a lot of work. We know the cost of borrowing is at a record low. We know federal and state investments will likely be made available through stimulus and infrastructure bills. I strongly urge the district to think big here and develop a capital investment plan as soon as possible, before we miss this once-in-a-generation moment.” – Peter Yacobellis