Montclair Momentum

Statement From Councilor-At-Large Peter Yacobellis On The Passage Of Montclair’s New Leaf Blower Ordinance

Tonight, the Council for the Township of Montclair voted 5-2 to significantly curtail the use of Internal Combustion Leaf Blowers (ICLBs).

The action we have taken cuts the number of days per year that ICLBs can be used to 93 down from 168. The new permitted timeframes were determined based on peak abscission time in the autumn and an estimation of when snowmelt concludes, and spring clean-up begins in March. Additionally, as another measure of relief for residents, we’ve pushed back the start time from 8:00am to 9:00am on weekdays and from 9:00am to 10:00am on Saturdays (Sundays, which already have a start time of 10:00am remain untouched). Further, we introduced a new minimum fine of $100 per violation and required lawn care companies to provide safety protection for employees. It is my hope that these changes will bring relief from the high-decibel noise and toxic emissions unique to these devices. Montclairions deserve a quieter and healthier community. I also understand that this will have an effect on the hours, methods and in some cases cost of operation for the landscaping companies who service our residents. I urge companies and customers to engage in dialogue regarding alternative service options to minimize cost pass-through to customers.