Past Newsletters

Tropical Storm Ida Aftermath

We’ve just experienced what I believe to be the most significant flooding event, for our region, in modern history — at least since Hurricane Floyed in 1999. At the present time there is no known loss of life in Montclair, thank goodness. Water is safe to drink. Township staff, who have been working through the night, continue to be spread out across town, responding to emergency calls and assessing damage to municipal facilities and clearing debris. Any life threatening issues should, as always, be called into 911. For non life threatening emergencies, you can contact our various services here.


Residents and business owners are strongly advised to take photos of damage to homes, businesses, belongings, and inventory and make lists of damaged or lost items. This is typically required for insurance claims.

We are waiting to see what kind of disaster relief may become available from the state and federal governments. I would assume Governor Murphy is asking FEMA for a formal Major Disaster Declaration for New Jersey. In that request and subsequent approval, I’m hopeful will contain a request to activate the Individual Assistance Program (FEMA IHP), which is key for relief for those without insurance.

Disaster Relief Fund

I’ve also launched a private fundraiser on Facebook to build up a Disaster Relief fund to be able to provide assistance to those most in need through direct giving and our many non profit organizations in town. I am consulting with key non profit leaders to determine the most effective way to disburse those funds but wanted to quickly set up a way for people with means to give. If that’s you, please give here. Disbursement criteria and processes will be promptly advertised. I am partly waiting for word on the FEMA designation mentioned above.

Debris Removal & Bulk Pick Up

I have requested that the Township schedule additional trash and bulk pick up services in the days and weeks ahead. If that is agreed too, notices will be sent out via Township communication channels.

Emergency Communications

If you are not already signed up, I would encourage everyone to sign up for the Township’s Swift911 alerts. Key information is usually pushed out via this method. You can sign up here.

What we’ve all had to contend with over the last 18 months is just simply absurd and for the record books. But remember that we’ve also seen the best in each other, which I know will be true for these next days and weeks too. If you have means to help others, please help others. Please reach out to neighbors and though it’s really really really hard right now, please hold onto hope. The sun is shining.

Be well,