Past Newsletters

Water Emergency Over!

The Township Office of Emergency Management (OEM), led by Rob Bianco, has lifted the State of Emergency regarding our water supply. You may resume normal consumption patterns. But please always keep conservation in mind because fresh water is not an unlimited resource.

From the OEM team to the Montclair Water Bureau to police, fire and so many other Township staff — I witnessed — and you all experienced, true heroics. With the complete disruption of our primary supply line of water to the town, this staff — with a combination of super powers, quick on-their-feet thinking and a passion to serve all of you, really pulled off something incredible here

Please take a moment to leave the staff a note of thanks.

Thank you to Mayor Spiller for the robust communication on this issue and to colleagues: Deputy Mayor Hurlock, Councilor Robin Schlager, Councilor Lori Price Abrams, Councilor David Cummings and Councilor Bob Russo for the whole-of-government backing to do what needed to be done. Let’s talk seriously about bringing the access we already have to groundwater into our system too.

Thank you in particular to OEM Director Rob Bianco, head of Water/Sewer Utilities Gary Obszarny, Community Services lead Steve Wood, Fire Chief John Herrmann, Police Chief Todd Conforti and all of their teams.

The rank-and-file in Montclair are the cream of the crop and they never cease to amaze me.

Please share a message of thanks with them, which I will pass along.