Montclair Momentum

Hundreds of Montclair Residents Raised Concerns at Councilor Yacobellis Town Hall

“At a very high level, there is a problem in Montclair.” — Councilor at large Peter Yacobellis

Yacobellis said the above quote in response to questions from Montclair residents regarding their dissatisfaction with Montclair’s government.

Residents, who packed Montclair Art Museum’s Leir Hall for Yacobellis’ third Town Hall (and the first in-person), were fired up and came with lots of concerns about how the town was being run.

“Over and over, the citizens of this town are dealing with the repercussions of someone who is not forward thinking and does not engage with residents,” said resident Eileen Birmingham with regard to Montclair’s town manager. She also raised concerns about “the continual diminishment of woman’s voices in the government.”

Birmingham’s remarks were met with loud applause, as was those by resident David Greenbaum who asked if Montclair could require any township manager to live in Montclair.